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Unity Sand vase Set

US117 Unity Vase Sand Vase Set

One 10" tall vase and two matching 6.75" Vases.
Includes etching all three pieces
Your Choice of Fonts.
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Heart Vase with Toasting Glasses

Heart Vase with Toasting Glasses

Includes etching all three pieces and the sand in the vase.
Your Choice of Fonts
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Wave Unity Sand Cermony Set

Wave Sand Ceremony Set

Includes etching all three pieces.
Your Choice of Fonts.
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Sand Vessel up Close

Heart Shaped Unity Sand Set

This is our most popular set. Includes personalization of
3 pieces - Heart vessel and two pouring vessels. The set also comes with a third pouring vessel. This is perfect for second marriages to have the children pour a little sand first into the heart vessel.

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Order Non-Personalized Version

Unity Sand Set with Jig Saw Pieces etched

Order Jig Saw Etching version
Each Side Vessel has a puzzle piece and on the heart vessel the pieces are connected.

The Video will be shown here

US116 Unity Sand Set

Includes first names and wedding date on heart vessel and first names on pouring vessels. The main vessel unit is 10.5" tall and the pouring vessels are 7.5" tall.
Your Choice of fonts
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Mini Jar Sand Ceremony Set

Mini Jar Sand Ceremony Set
This is the cute one at a great price!

4 1/2" Tall. Great for a destination wedding. - easy to pack. Includes first names and wedding date on jar and first names on pouring vessels.
Your Choice of Fonts.
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Font Choices For Unity Sand Sets

Zaph Chancery Font
Lucidia Calligraphy Font

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Heart Unity Sand Ceremony Set

Heart Shaped Unity Sand Ceremony Set

Sand symbolizes time. We were formed from the earth and when we die we return to dust. The Hawaiians have used sand in the marriage ceremony for years. Many of their weddings are performed on the beach. During the ceremony, the couple reaches down by their feet and scoop up sand in their hands. They combine the sand into a jar saying some words of their choice. The glass jar is then taken to their new home to symbolize the new union. Once the sand is poured together it can never be separated – the sand becomes one – as in marriage. This simple ceremony has now become popularized. Some time ago, the Bachelorette TV show used the Unity Sand Ceremony and the rest is history.
Many couples like the Unity Sand Ceremony better than the Unity Candle Ceremony because the sand will last forever – the candle is eventually consumed.

Here is a suggested Unity Sand Ceremony:

As the minister says the following wording, the couple alternately pours sand into the glass vessel to form a layered design with the sand.
“________________ and _____________, today you join your separate lives together. The two separate vessels of sand symbolize your separate lives, separate families and separate sets of friends. They represent all that you have been as an individual. They also represent your lives before today. As these two vessels of sand are poured into the third vessel, the individual vessels of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one. Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual vessels, so will your marriage be.”

Here is an idea for a second marriage with children, have a forth vessel with another colored sand. Let the children pour some sand in the bottom of the vessel first and then start alternating the couple pouring sand. What a great way to make the children apart of the new union.

“Today, __________ and __________, you are making a commitment of your eternal commitment for one another as well as to your children, __________, ___________,etc. As you each hold your sand the separate vessels of sand represent your lives up to this moment; individual and unique. As you now combine your sand together, all your lives from this moment will become one family.

Sometimes you may want to have your parents to be a part of the ceremony – the joining of the two families:

____________ and _____________ you come here today from two different families. From these two families a new family will be created today. At this time, I would invite the parents of ____________ and ______________ to come forward. These two vessels of sand represent each family. Now the parents will take their sand and also pour your sand into the unity vessel symbolizing the uniting of the two families into one.”

Maybe you want to keep the Unity Sand Ceremony simple:

As the minister says the following wording, the couple alternately pours sand into the glass vessel.
“This sand represents the days of your life before today. As they are joined together so shall the days of your life be joined together.”


“The uniting of two individuals into one is symbolized by the pouring of sand. Inseparable we are like the grains of sand united now. The individual is emptied into the sea of love and no longer can be separated, but will be forever and always entwined as one.”


“__________ and _____________ may your love always be as constant as the never-ending waves, flowing endlessly from the depths of the sea. Just as the waters touch and nourish the many shores of the earth, may your love be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Just as there will never be a morning without the ocean’s flow, there will never be a day without your love for each other. You have just sealed your relationship by the giving and receiving of rings. This beautiful union is symbolized through the combining of these two individual vessels of sand. The first jar represents you __________, in all that you were, all that you are, and the other vessel represents you, __________, in all that you were. Each one holds its own unique beauty, strength, and character. They can stand on their own and be whole, without need of anything else. However when these two are blended together they create an entirely new and extraordinarily more intricate entity. Each grain of sand brings to the mixture a lasting beauty that forever enriches the combination. When you pour the sand into this common vessel, it symbolized the union of your two lives. Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual vessels - so will your marriage be a molding of two individual personalities, bonded together forming one heart, one love. The life that each of you experienced up to now, individually, will hereafter be an inseparable unit, for the two shall become one.”


“Today, _________ and _____________, you are making a commitment of your eternal commitment for one another. As you each hold your sand in separate vessels, the sand represents your lives to this moment; individual and unique. As you now combine your sand together, your lives also join together as one.”

As you can see, the Unity Sand Ceremony can be done many different ways. It’s OK to take parts of any of these ceremonies and make your own version. This is all about you having a unique special experience on your wedding day.

Personalization of your Unity Sand Vessels

We suggest the vessel the sand is poured into should have the couple’s first names engraved on it with the wedding date underneath. The pouring vessels should have his name on one and her name on the other. After the wedding I suggest displaying them on each side with dried flowers (from the wedding). On your anniversary put fresh flowers in them. You will enjoy your Unity Sand Set for years to come and bring back memories of that special day.

Using Colored Sands

The Hawaiians used sand from the beach for the ceremony. Today most couples use colored sands poured alternately into the vessel. This way you can see the sands coming together in a beautiful design. Some people will put a little sand from where they are married in the bottom (in keeping with the Hawaiian tradition) of the vessel and then pour their colored sands on top.

In second marriages, the children can pour in sand that represents them in the marriage. One of the ceremonies listed above shows you how to do this in the ceremony. Please note: too many color sands in the vessel, start to look funky and make sure your color choices complement each other.

One common choice of colored sands is black for the groom and white for the bride. Some couples use their favorite colors or colors that are used in the wedding.

Many couples will dress up the vessel with a ribbon and have a special table set up off to the side just as the unity candle ceremony is done.
It is all about making your wedding special for you and your guests. Doing the Sand Ceremony is one wonderful way to make your special day more symbolic of your union together.

The video shows the Wave Sand Ceremony Set and suggested vows to use for a second marriage with children. You can purchase the Wave Sand Ceremony set on the left side of this page.

Click Here for Tips for your Wedding Sand Ceremony

Heart Unity Pouring Vessel
Sand Vessel up Close
Heart Pouring Vessel 2

Purchase the Heart Shaped Unity Sand Set

The set with no personalization: $56.00

The set with personalization - couples first name and wedding date on the heart vessel and his first name on one pouring vessel and her first name on the other pouring vessel: $76.00

Colored Sands can be purchased at craft stores like Michael's or from us.

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