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Nambe Twist Flutes 5542

5542 Nambe Twist Flutes

Includes Name and Wedding Date etched on each flute. Enjoy toasting at your wedding and every anniversary after.

Set Price $150.00
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Toasting Flutes We get tons of calls from couples getting married looking for someone to engrave their toasting goblets. They have been calling and calling. When we say yes, we get silence on the other end of the line because everybody has said "No". They are in shock, they have all but given up.

Actually we etch your toasting goblets. You can purchase from us or bring in your own glasses. It is a time consuming process, but the results are beautiful.

Here are some commonly asked questions.

1. We have Waterford Glasses and there is no room on the glass bowl for engraving. What can you do?  We etch on the base. We follow the etching with the radius of the base.

2.  What should be have etched on the glasses?  We have two basic lay-outs. His name on one glass and hers on the other with the wedding date etched underneath. Some people like both names on each glass with the date underneath. This works on most toasting goblets except the very narrow flutes. The names will be too small to be seen.

3. We have frosted glasses. Can they be etched?  Sorry, no. The etching process, we are frosting the clear glass. Frosted on frosted does not show up.

4.  We have a  design on the glass. Can you etch inside the design?  Yes, if there is enough room . One of the best designs is the open heart. Usually we have enough room for one name and a date for etching.

5. Can special designs be etched along with the names and dates? Yes, we have the ability to etch special designs. You may have a symbol you have used on your invitations. That would be the perfect addition to your goblets. We also have stock designs we can add to your goblets - hearts - butterflies - infinity symbols - etc. Call us with the design you are looking for. Or come in and look through our books.

6.  How long does it take to etch?  Usually the next business day with the exception of Mondays - we do not etch. Once in a while we get over loaded for the day and then it will be ready the following business day we etch.

7. What should I look for in a toasting flute for etching?  Really thin glasses maybe to thin for etching. With etching, we are cutting into the glass. We do not want to go all the way through the glasses. Also look for air bubbles in the glasses. When we etch the glasses, your eye will go to the etching, I there is an air bubble in the glass, now our eyes will see, although when not etched, most people will not see the flaw.

7.  How much does it cost?  $12.00 per glass when we are etching on the bowl of the glass. If we are etching the base - $18.00 per glass. Stock logos etch is $5.00 per glass and Special designs are $25.00 for the first glass and $5.00 for the seconded glass.

8. When should I get the toasting glass etched?  About a month before the wedding. At this time we can also engrave gifts for the bridal party. your wedding cake server and other items.

WED001 Hearts Toasting Flute Set

WED001 Hearts Toasting Flute Set
We etch his first name on one glass and her first name on the other above the hearts. Under the names we etch the wedding date. Just a beatiful set that you will charish for years to come.

$80.00 for the set

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3957 Crystals Toasting Flutes

3957 Crystals Toasting Flute Set
The crystals in the base sparkle and add elegance to the head table. You will love toasting with these flutes at your reception. We engrave his first name on one glass and her first name on the other glass. We also engrave the wedding date underneath each name. You will want to bring out these special toasting flute for each anniversary to come.
$44.00 Includes engraving names and wedding date.

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Below is a video showing the crystals sparkle.

The player will show in this paragraph

We want you to hire us as your "Wedding Engraver".

Shipping your Toasting Flutes

If you are not in the Detroit Metro area - please ship your Toasting Flutes to us with your name, address, phone number and what you want engraved. When we receive your flutes we will call you for your credit card information. We usually ship in 48 hours after receiving your order.


Each flute is $12.00 for the first 2 lines of etching,then $4.00 for each additional line. Shipping is $8.00 UPS Ground.

Check out Wording for Wedding Bands

Engraving Connection
13205 S. Main St.
Plymouth, MI 48170